Lariat Style Ideas

The Most Popular Way to Wear Your Lariat

Unlike a traditional necklace, a lariat does not have a clasp. A lariat is actually one long strand that can be tied or wrapped in a number of ways to create a variety of looks. I am sure you will soon see by using these different styles how your lariat will enhance almost any outfit.

The Most Popular Way (as above): For a casual but feminine look, place the lariat around your neck. Tie the loose ends one over the other.

Slip Knot: Fold your lariat in half, place around your neck and pull the ends through the loop. Some of my lariats are a shorter style with a fixed loop at one end, simply thread one end of the lariat through the other, adjusting the dangle length as appropriate. This is just the same as you would wear your scarf.

Layered Strand: Place the centre of the strand at your throat. Wrap each end of the lariat around your neck, cross each end behind your neck and bring them both to the front again. Then tie the loose ends one over the other.

If you prefer your necklace to stay where you tie it, try this way. Wrap the lariat around your neck, cross the loose ends behind your neck and bring them to the front. Tie one end of the lariat over the loop already around your neck and the free end. With a bit of adjustment to get the strands even this will then keep the lariat from tightening around your neck. This is possibly my favourite way to wear my lariat.

Overhand Knot in Front: With the lariat hanging around your neck so the loose ends are in front, take both ends together and tie them in a simple overhand knot. Adjust the postion of the tie to adjust the length of the dangle. This usually works without a layered strand and can be worn with almost any top.

Alternatively you could move the dangling ends to the back of your neck to wear with an open-back evening gown. Make sure you tie the lariat high on the back of the neck so it will not drop in the front. A lariat made of natural coloured pearls, white or clear stones can be a simple but strong contrast to a black gown, worn in the front or the back.